San Francisco Voter Guide
November 2020

Tired of the propaganda from radicals who have turned our city into a disaster area?
This is a sensible voter’s guide for liberals and moderates.

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District Supervisor Races

The Board of Supervisors run the city along with the mayor; who can only do so much without the board.
These are very important seats in City Hall.
District 1D1
Marjan Philhour
2nd, 3rd 4th choices:
Veronica Shinzato
Sherman D’Silva
Andrew Majalya
(Don’t vote for anyone else)
District 3D3
Danny Sauter
District 5D5
Vallie Brown
District 7D7
Stephen Martin-Pinto
2nd choice:
Joel Engardio
District 9D9
No Moderates Are Running
District 11D11
2nd choice:
Marcello Colusi
You do NOT have to rank all candidates. Selecting ONLY the moderate candidates you like will NOT invalidate your vote, and may make it less likely for an extreme radical to win.

Community College Board

Only one moderate is running. Only voting for Marie will help to insert a moderate who is a proven university Regent.
Marie Hurabiell
You can hack “Rank Choice Voting” by selecting only this 1 candidate. It will NOT invalidate your vote.

Board of Education

Often used as a political springboard to more lucrative positions like Supervisor, the Board of Education faces a $31.8M budget shortfall this year.
Michelle Parker
Alida Fisher
You can hack “Rank Choice Voting” by selecting only these 2 candidates. It will NOT invalidate your vote.

State Senator District 11

Unfortunately the person running against the incumbent is more of a radical socialist than the incumbent.
Scott Wiener

US Representative District 12

Unfortunately the person running against the incumbent is more of a radical socialist than the incumbent.
Nancy Pelosi

State Assembly District 17

A feckless career politician or a Libertarian “erotic service provider.” At least we would have more diversity in government with a new face.

BART Director District 7

An accomplished reformist and rider champion who promises to be tough on crime and prioritize safety.
Sharon Kidd

BART Director District 9

Tired of seeing drug dealers wearing backpacks circling addicts around BART stations? So is:
David Young

Propositions & Measures to Vote YES:

This prop sends repeat offenders to local jail or rehab. Supported by retailers and police unions.
Allows for gig-worker companies to operate more easily in CA. Allows photographers, writers, etc. to work as freelancers.
Today it’s an incredibly byzantine process for small businesses to get permits of any kind.
Our neighbors convinced us to change our minds and favor Caltrain in its time of need by passing a small fare increase.

Propositions & Measures to Vote NO:

$960 Million more ($487.5M + interest payments) to fund the Homeless Industrial Complex, with no oversight as to efficacy.
Creates more government bureaucracy (and costs) and less oversight in a department under investigation by the FBI for corruption.
A political tactic for self-described “radical socialists” to gain more influence and power in City Hall by allowing non-legal residents to vote for them.
A political tactic for self-described “radical socialists” to gain more influence and power over law enforcement agencies.
For the most part (while not perfect) the SFPD does a marvelous job with their hands tied by the DA and under-funded by City Hall (notice how old their cars are).
Increases taxes over the long term for small and medium-sized businesses in San Francisco.
No. Come on. Children are easier to manipulate, and this would allow Incumbent politician’s power base (union members w/ families) to essentially vote multiple times as directed by their Union Officials.
City Hall keeps thinking of new ways to separate us from our property. Some of this prop’s supporters believe in forced wealth redistribution.
City Hall rarely issues a good reason for a new tax. This is another bad idea whose validity has been challenged in courts (and would force the City to refund taxpayers if they lose in court).
City Hall has done little to actually create more affordable housing. Proponents like Dean Preston, Matt Haney and Hilary Ronen are self described “Rad Socialists” and should not be given more power to continue their failed socialist experiments.
Following the Marxist ideology that “Capitalists are bad for societies,” this prop taxes executives in a new way depending on how much more they make than their rank and file employees. City Hall wants to use this money “at their discretion.”
Past bonds in biotech research have yielded very little ROI (return on investment) for citizens but have given City officials tremendous political leverage.
With Covid lockdowns hurting so many San Franciscans and Californians, now is not the time to be raising new taxes to fund a bigger government.
Uses race as a significant factor in school admission and government contracts; especially hurts Asian-American families who describe this Prop as the “New Asian Exclusion Act.”
In modern-day California, a parolee ex-convict is often a repeat offender of violent or serious crimes. They should not be allowed to vote while still on parole.
They can’t see an R rated movie but they can vote on complex fiscal and social matters? No.
Attempt to increase property taxes for inherited property by setting the taxable rate to the new current market value.
Rent control has been shown to reduce the number of affordable housing units in study after study. This prop aims to give local politicians more control over private property.
California has historically bungled healthcare reform and ended up making procedures even more expensive, as this is expected by many to do (requires MDs to be onsite for every dialysis clinic).
Not to be outdone by the largely failed GDPR in Europe, California wants an even more complicated privacy restriction to hamper businesses operating here and exert control over out-of-state corporations that have customers in California (and who will undoubtedly pass off the compliance costs to consumers).
If you want to know how removing cash bail for criminals will work out, come to San Francisco and experience “Crime All The Time.” Data shows many released criminals go out and immediately commit more crime.
Text this guide to yourself.
Don’t know which district you live in?
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